As the Language Center of the University of Rostock, we would like to provide the best possible support to people who are currently fleeing Ukraine.

We therefore offer help in the following areas:

Individual Guided Language Learning: German and English

The individually supervised language learning (IGLL) in the summer semester 2022 has succesfully ended with four levels of German.

The Language Center at the University of Rostock offers Ukrainian students (and those planning to start a course of study) individualized German and English language and culture tutorials to help you prepare for a course of studies in Germany. 

This is NOT a language course for beginning German!  For information on regular courses in and around Rostock, please contact Ms. Maria Merkel, Rostock International House (RIH): maria.merkeluni-rostockde  or go to the office hours at the RIH (Kröpelinerstr. 29) Tues. 14:00 – 16:00 or Thurs. 9 – 12:00.

We offer guided self-study and small group tutorials in a relaxed atmosphere.

The instructor, Ms. Rebecca Collin, is a native speaker of English and long-time resident of Germany who has been teaching both English and German for over 20 years.

To participate, you must speak some English (ca. B1 level). We suggest taking the German placement test so we can use material appropriate for your level. If you would like tutorials for/in English, please take the English placement test.

For scheduling a placement test please contact:

This program ends for the summer in late July.




Online language learning with Speexx

Speexx Campus is a multiple award-winning language learning software from the publisher Digital Publishing. A variety of free online language courses for German and English are available to all refugees on the Ilias learning platform.

To use Speexx, a guest auditorship is required. Please visit

If you have any further questions regarding the Speexx program, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Ulrike Krüger.

Semester-long language courses

The Language Center currently has free places on the following levels

  • B1.1
  • B1.2
  • B2.1
  • B2.2

The course places are made available to refugees free of charge. The courses take place twice a week (2 x 90 min) and are not intensive courses. The registration period ends on 08.04.2022 - unfortunately, a subsequent admission is not possible. Further information can be found here

Intensive courses

The Language Center Rostock and the Rostock International House offer an intensive course for refugees in cooperation with Study In Germany e.V.. You can find more information under the link.

Course start date: 02.05.2022

Link collection with information for refugees including additional language courses