Quality Assurance in the Language Centre - an Indispensable Task

Important Instruments of Quality Assurance

  • Accreditation at intervals of 3-5 years by the AKS
  • Course evaluations
  • Participation in the Senate Commission for Studies, Teaching and Evaluation
  • Regular meetings with the Prorector for Studies, Teaching and Evaluation
  • Close cooperation and coordination of curricularly relevant foreign language skills with the HQE

Important Basics of Quality Assurance

  • Language policy and internationalisation strategy of the University of Rostock in accordance with the goals of the university development plans.
  • Quality Regulations of the University of Rostock
  • Framework Examination Regulations of the University of Rostock
  • Quality assurance concept of the SZ
  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Standards of accreditation for the UNIcert® university foreign language certificate
  • Examination regulations for the courses offered by the Language Centre, including the UNIcert® examination

Essential quality objectives in teaching

-Make teaching competence-oriented, action-oriented and target group-specific, i.e.

  • Foreign language training and certification related to the general language and subject-related communicative competences relevant to the higher education context (studies/internship abroad) and later professional activity.
  • Acquisition of foreign language and intercultural competences through an action-oriented didactic approach; language as an instrument to achieve a goal
  • didactic implementation appropriate for higher education (steep progression, systematic inclusion of cognitive learning methods, effective use of media learning phases)
  • Linking language training with the development of important key competences such as giving lectures, participating in scientific discussions, negotiating, applying for jobs successfully

- Designing examinations in a competence- and activity-oriented way

- Ensure studyability, i.e.

  • Freedom of overlap between foreign language training and subject studies,
  • continuity of the teaching offer,
  • Suitability of the modules to the module structure of the university
  • Addressee-specific training in accordance with the qualification and competence goals specified by the CEFR, UNIcert® accreditation and the faculties

- Develop a cross-linguistic training and examination concept

- Ensure comparability of examination results and certification with other universities

- Ensure individual and competent counselling for students

Documents for Quality Assurance

Central Documents

  • Framework Examination Regulations of the University of Rostock
  • Quality Regulations of the University of Rostock
  • CEFR
  • Framework requirements for UNIcert® accreditation by the AKS

Language Centre Internal Documents

Quality Assurance Concept of the Language Centre
Module Catalogue of the Language Centre
Examination regulations for courses offered by the Language Centre
Grid for the assessment of the oral examination
Grid for the Evaluation of the Writing Examination
Questionnaire for course evaluation
Guidelines for lecturers
Process descriptions (enrolment, examination preparation and implementation)
Quality Concept of the Language Centre