In-House Academic Writing Workshops

If you are planning an academic writing workshop for undergraduates, postgraduates, or staff, then our in-house workshops may be the solution for you. You tell us what kind of workshop you are planning, how many participants you have, and your expectations, and we will prepare a workshop tailored to your needs. The workshop will then take place at your chosen location.

Our workshops can cover, for example, an introduction to the specifics of research papers, provide participants with helpful tools, or raise their awareness of the most common mistakes in academic writing, research, and presentations. Each workshop includes interactive practices and encourages lively discussions and exchanges among the participants.

Direct your enquiry to the Head of the English Department (Tina Kosleck).

Recent In-House Workshops

On 26.09. we were invited to the physics doctoral students' retreat in the Ostseekoje Rerik. There, Henrik Bönner gave a workshop on academic writing and storytelling. In the 3-hour workshop, the doctoral students practiced activities that sharpened their writing skills to draft scientific papers that convey the necessary information and capture the readers’ interest. Together, we discussed strategies that make, for example, movies and novels exciting and explored how academic authors can use these to write more captivating texts. 

The approximately 15 participants had lively discussions about the different methods and tried out some of them in exercises.

Voices from the Workshop

I liked the methods and tools that were shown in the workshop, e.g. the free writing method.

Ich mochte die offene Diskussion und die verschiedenen Eindrücke, die man von allen Personen bekommen hat. Ich persönlich war auch ein großer Fan von der "besseren" Sprache. Auch wenn man viele Aspekte schonmal gehört hat, ist die Erinnerung sehr hilfreich.