Who must pay course fees?

Legal Basis

According to the University Fee Regulations of the University of Rostock, fees are charged for the participation of students and employees of the University and, if applicable, guest students in non-mandatory study-related language courses of the Language Center, including the corresponding examinations. The amount of these fees depends on the status of the course participants and on the number of hours of the course (for students 40 € for 4 SWS, including the corresponding exams). 

Further details are regulated in Appendix 5 on page 11 of the Fee Schedule.

If e-learning modules from external providers are used as part of the course, the usage fees for these modules are charged in addition to the course fee.

Request for Exemption from Charges

Here you will find the application for exemption from course fees .

You will need this application if you have enrolled in a language course that you wish to take free of charge as a compulsory elective subject.

Send the completed and signed application to the Language Center by e-mail or hand it in at the study office or secretary's office.

Important Note

If you apply for a fee exemption, please do not transfer any course fees! If your request is rejected, you still have enough time to make the transfer.