Welcome to the Language Center!

Welcome to the Language Center!

We offer courses in 8 modern foreign languages, plus German as a foreign language and Latin

Later start of language courses

Due to the current coronavirus situation, courses will probably not start until 20/04/2020.
Placement tests cannot take place. Please click on REGISTRATION and choose a course that you find suitable depending on self-assessment.

Important Dates 2019

Courses during the winter semester

Courses during the winter semester

  • German courses start on 21 October 2019
  • all other language courses start on 14. Oktober 2019

End of semester: February 2020

Placement tests

Placement tests

Enrollment is possible for all courses without a placement test.
Please choose a course that corresponds to your self-assessment.

Current information

Secretary and Student Services Office

 Opening hours for Secretary and Student Services Office


The Secretary and Student Services Office will be closed for visitors until 17 May 2020.


Self-Study Center (SLZ)

Self-Study Center (SLZ)

Opening hours and offers


Course catalog on LSF

Course catalog on LSF

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Spanish

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To see a complete list of all courses offered at the Language Center using the on-line database LSF

  1. Select “Veranstaltungen”   = Events and classes
  2. Select “Vorlesungsverzeichnis” = Course catalog
  3. Select “Lehrangebote des Sprachenzentrums” = Language Center courses
  4. Select “Sprache wählen” = Language selection
"Meet and Greet" II

"Meet and Greet" II

"Meet and Greet II"

When: Friday, 24th Jan. 2020, 1 - 4 p.m.

Where: Ulmenstraße 69, House 1, Room 320

International and German academics will have another opportunity to Meet & Greet. Join the workshop and find out how those colleagues of yours roll!

Registration: via e-mail cornelia.kirsten@uni-rostock.de or website

More information



The enrolment for the language courses in the summer semester is completed.

If your course is already fully booked, please register on the waiting list so that we can adjust our course programme. Thank you.

Languages and levels

The Language Center offers

  • Courses in 10 different languages, so that you are prepared for your studies and your career.
  • Consideration of your foreign language needs and competencies
  • University and career oriented-learning regarding content and competencies
  • Learning based on the levels of the CEF and UNIcert.
  • Examinations and proof of competency that you need (e.g. for beginning a field of study)
  • Many self-study possibilities
  • High quality standards through frequent (re-) accreditation
  • Long-term expertise in teaching and testing foreign language knowledge